Vintage - the journey so far...

Vintage started life as a four piece playing 50’s and 60’s rock and roll at Cheam High School.  Matthew Spearman, James MacKenzie, Anthony Palattao and Daniel Spearman decided that there was a place for a rock ‘n’ roll revival in the twenty-first century.
The early days saw them playing at school concerts and getting standing ovations at every event.  The word soon got out that a talented, new young group were making good sounds, a few private events and charity bookings started to appear on the groups limited gig list.




Early notable dates include being asked to play for charity events such as the Merland Rise Church ( that was raising money to support its work in Tanzania, the band played at the main concert event, held at Banstead Athletic football club, and then at a subsequent private event.

Merland Rise




2006 also saw them hit the ‘BIG’ stage when they were asked to play support to professional bands at ‘Jive in the Drive’ hosted by radio Jackie (

Jive in the Drive

2007 / 2008 was an important time for schooling and so the band took back seat for a while whilst GCSE and A’ levels were studied for and subsequently taken.




During this time a limited number of private gigs were performed with one or two public appearances.

In June 2007 at the Fox & Hounds, Walton on the Hill the boys awoke the sleepy little village on a quiet Sunday evening...

Fox & Hounds, Walton on the Hill

The summer of 2008 meant decisions for the band as University and work commitments put pressure on their time.  Tony, who was playing bass for the band at the time, decide he needed to show the world his phenomenal lead guitar skills so left the band to commit his time to university and his own group.

Tony is a talented musician who has helped the band on numerous occasions, Vintage remain indebted to him for his help.

The three remaining members had a decision to make with regard to their future and that of the band.  Do they go forward as a three piece or do they try and find a new bassist...?  A few have tried but currently the band remains three...



Bizarrely, notoriety for Vintage has risen since becoming a three piece band.  An appearance at an ‘open mic’ night at The Drill, Worcester Park (, has bought new fans and further gigs.  The three numbers they were limited to on their first evening was enough to convince the manager, Paul Wright, to book them as support to the Cornish based group ‘The Big Three’

‘open mic’ at The Drill

The Drill promotes local musical talent working in partnership, with one of South London’s premier live amateur music venues, the Jolly Farmers, Purley ( Word was passed on and Vintage were booked to perform on Sunday the 9th November 2008 as the penultimate act on their 2008 twenty-four hour music’athon – an event staged to support three local charities..













Jolly Farmers – 2008, 24hr music’athon

Pre Vintage - the very early years...





Here’s an early picture of the bands genesis – in Christmas 2005 Santa bought Matt (15) a new Washburn EA18TR acoustic guitar and Dan (13) a Percussion Plus drum starter kit...


...let the noise begin...

The Start

Vintage hit the papers (local) - Headlining Gomstock

What the boys
have to say...